Tech Room

The Learning Center Tech room is available for use by students and patrons and can also be leased out to the general public for use as a training room.

Computer workstations are located in the Library to allow patrons full access to the Library Electronic Card Catalog, databases, assorted software programs and the Internet. Guidelines for computer use are posted in the Library and here.

The Library shall not be responsible for and has no control over information, content or views expressed on the Internet. The Library disclaims any liability or responsibility for any information obtained through the Internet or any consequences arising through the use thereof. Parents of minor children are urged to supervise their children's sessions and will be held responsible for their children's use or misuse of Library resources.

The Texas Penal Code Sections 43.22 and 43.24. apply to obscene display of material. Applicable sections of the Texas Penal Code are posted in the Library. The U.S. Code; Title 17 Copyright Laws apply to materials obtained from the Internet. Applicable copyright statements are posted in the Library.

If interested in leasing the Tech Room for training purposes please review the below agreement and then contact the Librarian for more information.

Comfort Public Library Learning Center Facilities Usage Agreement

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