Stuffed Animal Sleepover


Usually at the beginning of the year, the Comfort Public Library hosts a Stuffed Animal Sleepover for elementary-age children who are encouraged to bring their favorite animal pal (or one they can leave overnight) to the Library.

On the scheduled Friday night, participants:

  •    register their special animal pal and get their picture taken
  •    watch a reader's theatre presentation of a specially-selected story
  •    take part in craft time
  •    enjoy a snack
  •    put their special friend to bed for an overnight stay at the Library

And then...the animals get to PLAY!

(From games to reading to even pizza, there's no telling what
these guys will get up to!!)

On the next day (Saturday), participants:

  • pick up their special friend from the Library
  • get a packet containing their picture and a certificate
  • get to see what the animals did during their stay a the Library
  • and more!

Please check the Calendar for date and time or call the Library at 830-995-2398 for more information.

See below to view photos of kids and stuffed animals enjoying the Sleepover!

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