Staff and Trustees


The Trustees are a dedicated group of volunteers who give of their time to make sure the Library remains operational and true to its mission.  From time to time, new board positions open up as a volunteer's term is completed.  If you would like to serve on the Library board, please contact the Librarian for more information or call the Library at 830-995-2398.

Board of Trustees 2019

Member Office Held Term Expiration*
Chuck Converse President 2020
Beth Converse Vice President 2020
Nancy Dickson Treasurer 2021
Donna Martin Secretary 2021
David Barnet 2022
Suzy Boswell 2021
Susan Die 2020
Roy Die 2021
Mark Dizdar 2022
Vicki Weber 2020

*Expiration Date reflects December 31 of the given year


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