Comfort Heritage Foundation and Comfort Public Library partnered in 2014 to make available for patron use.

With, patrons can:

  • enjoy unlimited access to more than 2 billion international birth, marriage, death, census, military, church and other records
  • discover their immigrant ancestors and learn more about their family's homeland in detailed passenger lists, border crossings and more
  • travel back to the 16th century in popular UK birth, marriage and death records and see original hand-written documents
  • learn about their ancestors in more than 60 countries outside the U.S.
  • explore all U.S. record collections including birth, marriage, death and census records detailing occupations, ages, siblings, birthplaces, addresses, maiden names and more
  • connect with millions of other Ancestry members to ask for help, share ideas, make discoveries and possibly discover living relatives they never knew they had
  • organize, preserve and share their family tree online with advanced tools that help grow their trees with uploading photos and stories
  • do all that and more!

CPL patrons with a valid card can access at the Library.  For any questions about the navigation of this site, contact the Librarian or call us at 830-995-2398.

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