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How do I get a Library Card?

Adult patrons must fill out a registration form, have a current photo ID and bring proof of residency if new to Texas or to the community.  For children and young adult patrons under age of eighteen, a parent or legal guardian must be present to fill out their registration form.

Library cards are free of charge to Texas residents and are available to residents of other states who are current members of the Friends of the Comfort Public Library.  Cards are updated and renewed every three years from day of application.

TexShare cards

TexShare cards provide patrons the privilege to visit more than 500 libraries and branches throughout the State of Texas and check out materials.  A TexShare card is issued by a patron's home library and gives that patron access to other Texas libraries that are members of the program.  Each library sets its own member requirements and material limits for TexShare patrons.

To get a TexShare card from the Comfort Public Library, patrons must have had a valid library card for at least 6 months and must be in good standing at the time of the TexShare card application.

TexShare cards are valid for one year from application and must be renewed by the patron at the Library.

Checking out Materials

  • New patrons are limited to a single item checked out on the first visit. Thereafter, no check-out limits are imposed except for DVDs.
  • All books and recorded books may be checked out for fourteen days (two weeks).
  • Renewals may be made by phone, in person, online through the Catalog Login or by email if there is no waiting list for the material.
  • DVDs may be checked out for seven days (one week). Check-outs are limited to four discs per family.
  • Back issues of periodicals may be checked out for seven days (1 week).
  • Reference materials may be checked out overnight at the discretion of the Library Director. Vertical file materials, rare books and current issues of periodicals are for Library use only.
  • Audio-visual equipment may be checked out for seven days (one week).  Equipment includes an overhead projector, slide projector, portable PC projector and projection screen.

Interlibrary Loan Request

Can't find the book or material you're looking for on our shelves?  You can request a material in person at the Library or through the Catalog when you log-in to your account.  You can also visit the Interlibrary Loan Request page and fill out the form there, or you can email the Librarian with the following so we may order from another library for you.

Please provide the following information in your email message:

  • your Comfort Public Library number
  • your phone number
  • your first and last name
  • the material format (book, DVD, CD)
  • ISBN
  • author
  • title
  • publisher
  • publication date
  • volume, number & page is an article
  • copyright date (if specific edition needed)
  • subject (food books in general)
  • indication that you are willing to pay for fees if there are any charges

What if I am late returning items I checked out?

Fines are not charged on any material except for video discs.  Late returning your DVD movie?  Want to pay the late fee another way? If yes…bring a non-perishable food item to the library and let Staff and Volunteers know what you’ve brought.

One item = $1.00 towards DVD fines

Items accepted must be within expiration date!  We don’t want those items that have been sitting in your pantry for five years!


  • Jelly or Jam
  • Peanut Butter
  • Tomato Sauces or Canned Tomatoes
  • Soup and/or Soup Mixes
  • Dried Pasta, etc…

All food items will be donated to the Comfort Food Pantry!


Computer workstations are located in the Library to allow patrons full access to the Library Electronic Card Catalog, databases, assorted software programs and the Internet. Guidelines for computer use are posted in the Library and here.

The Library shall not be responsible for and has no control over information, content or views expressed on the Internet. The Library disclaims any liability or responsibility for any information obtained through the Internet or any consequences arising through the use thereof. Parents of minor children are urged to supervise their children's sessions and will be held responsible for their children's use or misuse of Library resources.

The Texas Penal Code Sections 43.22 and 43.24. apply to obscene display of material. Applicable sections of the Texas Penal Code are posted in the Library. The U.S. Code; Title 17 Copyright Laws apply to materials obtained from the Internet. Applicable copyright statements are posted in the Library.


Eyeglasses - Bring your old prescription and over-the-counter eyeglasses to the Library, a Lions Club drop-off point.


What is this service and who may use it?

The goal of this service is to answer simple reference questions for current patrons of the Comfort Public Library and for members of the community.   Please contact the Librarian or call us at 830-995-2398.  This service does not provide in-depth research assistance or the retrieving or photocopying of library materials.  In-depth research assistance can be obtained by visiting the Library.

When should I expect a response?

Simple reference questions received Tuesday through Thursday are answered within 2 business days with the exception of holidays. Questions received from Friday through Saturday are answered on the following Tuesday. All information is supplied by e-mail.

Examples of questions/services:

Question: What is the capital of someplace?
Service: We will provide the factual information.

Question: I need to find articles on a topic something. Where can I look?
Service: We will recommend sources to search.

Question: I need help on the keywords to use in a search.
Service: We will recommend terms and search strategies.

Question: Do you have a specific book?
Service: We will search the Library's online catalog for this information and also instruct how to use the Catalog for future searches.  Please visit How to log into the Catalog for information on how to login and do simple tasks within the Catalog.

Question: What was the cause of a major world event?
Service: Please come to the Library to research this and we will be happy to assist you.

More Questions?

Ask the Librarian or call us at 830-995-2398!

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