What’s New for September

The weather might be cooling off ever-so-slightly, but there’s still plenty of good summer reading to be found at the Comfort Public Library!

  • JACQUELINE IN PARIS by Ann Mah → a young Jacqueline Bouvier (pre-Jackie Kennedy Onassis) ; postwar Paris ; betrayal and deception ; rise of communism and the beginning of a political movement
  • THE HOUSEMAID by Freida McFadden → family secrets and a maid with secrets of her own ; lies ; dreams and illusions of grandeur
  • DROWNING: THE RESCUE OF FLIGHT 1421 by T.J. Newman → plane crashes into the ocean ; evacuation but 12 people are trapped ; plane sinks to the ocean floor ; very little air ; very little hope of rescue
  • CHICKEN CULPRIT by Vikki Walton → starting over with a simpler life ; dead guy ; neighbor suspected of the deed ; secrets and deceit

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