What’s New for October 2023

With a change of seasons, thoughts turn to dinosaurs, talking dogs, virtual games, and then, of course, to the upcoming eclipses.  What a great time to explore some exciting and informative younger-than-adult books on all those things!

  • TOTALITY! AN ECLIPSE GUIDE IN RHYME AND SCIENCE by Jeffrey Bennett → how to prepare for both events ; paths of totality for world-wide eclipses ; how eclipses happen
  • READY PLAYER TWO (Ready Player, 2) by Ernest Cline → virtual games ; dystopian society ; new villains ; who will survive?
  • SCHOZZER & TATERTOES TAKE A HIKE! By Rick Stromoski → two canine friends ; epic journey to visit Tatertoes’s mother ; “nose spiders” and other new experiences in the forest
  • RAPTORS OF PARADISE (Supersaurs, 1) by Jay Jay Burridge → a world where dinosaurs survived ; missing grandmothers ; unanswered questions ; remote Indonesian islands

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