What’s New for November

Spooky and bewitching reads for the patron who loves that sort of thing…

GHOSTS OF THE PAST series by Max Seeck

  • THE WITCH HUNTER – introduces Detective Jessica Niemi ; high-profile investigation ;  bizarre ritual killings
  • THE ICE COVEN — Investigator Jessica ; link between a body with strange markings and two baffling disappearances
  • THE LAST GRUDGE (to be published 2023) — Jessica Niemi is back . . . and so are her enemies.

ALL SOULS TRILOGY series by Deborah Harkness ; aka AMC Original Series “A Discovery of Witches”

  • A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES – young scholar (and unwilling witch) Diana Bishop ; vampire scientist Matthew Clairmont ; bewitched alchemical manuscript ; fantastical underworld stirring ; a horde of demons, witches, and vampires ; spell-breaking
  • SHADOW OF NIGHT – time travel ; Diana and Matthew in Elizabethan London ; spies, subterfuge and the mysterious School of Night
  • THE BOOK OF LIFE – Diana and Matthew return to the present ; a threat to their future is revealed ; the search for Ashmole 782 and its missing pages

TIME’S CONVERT (4th book in the series) – From the American Revolution to contemporary Paris:  Matthew ; new vampire (to be) Marcus MacNeil and an uneasy transformation ; Phoebe Taylor (another vampire-to-be) meets up with Marcus ; another unsettling transformation 

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