What’s New for May

Our April showers are bringing out the May flowers and questions about space.  For young readers who are interested in learning about living in space and what animals have been up there, the Library has a series entitled X-treme Facts: Space.  For an interesting read, check out the following titles by Catherine C. Finan:

  • LIFE IN SPACE – fruit flies and zucchini plants ; $20 million space trip ; how to eat and shower on a space station
  • PLANETS AND MOONS – orbiting around the sun ; gravity ; assorted facts
  • SPACE JOBS – LED lighting ; Mae Jemison ; diapers ; Mission Control ; robots
  • SPACE MACHINES – ISS ; Rovers ; spacecraft Juno ; first man to orbit Earth
  • STARS AND GALAXIES – black holes ; kazillion number of stars ; constellations
  • THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION – ISS (International Space Station) ; 90 minutes to orbit Earth ; how to sleep and move around

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