What’s New for June

School is out for the summer and naturally thoughts turn to animals and reptiles and how they fit in nature’s food chain!  For answers to those thoughts and more about large and powerful predators, look no further than the series “Food Chain Kings” by Katherine Eason.

  • BEARS AND THEIR FOOD CHAINS → grizzlies, Kodiaks, black & polar ; live in forests, grasslands, swamps, deserts, mountains and icy lands ; eats plants, meat and fish
  • BIG CATS AND THEIR FOOD CHAINS → tigers, jaguars, lions, leopards ; live in grasslands, tropical rain forests, mangrove swamps and boreal forests ; eat meat
  • CROCODILES, ALLIGATORS, AND THEIR FOOD CHAINS → live in water or along the banks of swamps, marshlands, lakes and rivers & warm, tropical regions ; eat meat and fish
  • BIG SNAKES AND THEIR FOOD CHAINS → boas (anacondas & constrictors), pythons ; live in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Madagascar, Fiji and Reunion Island ; eat meat
  • WOLVES AND THEIR FOOD CHAINS → gray (or timber) ; Arctic ; live in Canada, Alaska, northern Asia, Rocky Mountains of North America, mountains of Ethiopia ; eat meat
  • SHARKS AND THEIR FOOD CHAINS → Great White, whitetip, lemon, hammerhead, whale, basking ; more than 400 species ; eat ocean animals and plants

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