What’s New for July

July…a great month for parties and for reading fairy tales that have a slightly different take on the original ones.  For your reading pleasure, please explore “Fairy Tales as Told by Clementine” by Jenna Mueller and illustrated by Heather Burns and starring Clementine the wiener dog and various friends.

  • THE THREE LITTLE PIGS AND THE BIG SWEET WOLF → no bubblegum for the bubblegum-blowing contest ;  Wally aka the Big Bad Wolf ; headphones ; disgruntled neighbors and a bad nickname
  • THREE BILLY GOATS BLUFF → swimming in Pleasant Pond ; Tessa Troll ; rickety bridge and warnings ; Billy Goats misunderstand
  • SNOW WHITE AND THE APPLE PIE CONTEST → Snow White and apple pies ; stepmother and a rotten apple pie ; princess faints ; Clem and seven dogs must save the day
  • RUMPELSTILTSKIN → Dewey and Margot ; straw into gold ; Bigfoot and baguettes
  • RAPUNZEL AND HER MESSY HAIR → movie marathon with Rapunzel ; trapped by a reality TV show ; too much hair to untangle!
  • THE FROG PRINCE AND THE ZOOLOGIST → Zara ; bedtime stories and goodnight kisses ; new warty resident

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