What’s New for February

One of February’s important dates is Valentine’s Day.  A day when people celebrate love with special gifts such as chocolate and flowers.  And speaking about sharks, who doesn’t love them? 

ALL ABOUT SHARKS (a thrilling and informative series for younger readers)

  • Weird Sharks by Chelsea Xie → whip-tail sharks ; shark heads and tails ; filter feeders and weird eaters ; deep-sea sharks ; reef dwellers
  • Shark Biology by Chelsea Xie → feeding frenzy ; shark basics ; how do sharks swim? ; how are sharks born? ; how do sharks hunt?
  • Shark Attacks by Gail Terp → why study shark attacks? ; how big a risk? ; the most dangerous sharks ; lived to tell ; staying safe in the water
  • Prehistoric Sharks by Yvette LaPierre → attack! ; the first sharks ; the age of sharks ; monsters of the seas ; living fossils
  • Endangered Sharks by Elisa A. Bonnin → danger! ; bycatch ; overfishing ; habitat and humans ; protecting sharks

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