What’s New for February

February is a good month for love.  Love for your sweetheart, your spouse, your family…and, of course, your library! And we show love for our patrons this month by offering a very eclectic assortment of new adult fiction.

THE COUPLE UPSTAIRS by Shalini Boland → sea-side apartment ; chance to leave troubles behind ; new friends upstairs ; things start to go wrong ; whispers and nighttime noises ; irate husband ; secrets kept?

REVELATIONS OF THE RUBY CRYSTAL by Barbara Hand Clow (Book 1 of a trilogy) → young Catholic graduate student from Boston studying at the Vatican Library ; a ring set with a powerful ruby crystal that produces visionary abilities ; memories of a past life ; possible world control by Vatican

I’LL BE SEEING YOU by Joanne Kukanza Easley (local author) → begins in 1940 Texas ; dreams of a modeling career in New York cut short ; alcohol dependence and other problems ; sobriety and a chance to rebuild back in Texas ; years later third husband appears for a reconciliation ; what does she choose?

SHARK HEART: A LOVE STORY by Emily Habeck → young married couple ; husband diagnosed with a rare condition that causes him to start turning into a great white shark ; wife has memories of her past as she yearns to stay with her husband ; what will she choose?

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