Volunteers Needed!

Now that the Library is on Hiatus for November, we need everyone’s help to get the newly-remodeled library operational again!!

The first people we need are those with strong backs who have trucks (or even SUVs).  We will need to move all the non-fiction books that are currently in off-site storage; also in that storage are many of the furnishings that we will need to make the Library look like home.  We will need you right away, starting November 1, so please call the Library at 830-995-2398 to let us know when you can help.

After those items get back “home”, we will need to move all the books from the Learning Center over to their new bookshelves in the newly-remodeled space.  We expect to start that move on Tuesday, November 7; once again, please call us and let us know when we can expect you.

Beginning November 1, we’ll start “The Move” every day around 10:00 am and end around 4:00 pm.  WE WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO VOLUNTEERS—WE APPRECIATE IT MORE THAN WE CAN SAY!

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