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Coming to your Comfort Public Library, author Gail Kittleson will be reading from her new book, The Land That I Love, a novel of the Texas Hill Country.

A rural Iowa baby boomer, Gail Kittleson appeared at her childhood library every Saturday to haul home a new pile of books. Later, she graduated from Wartburg College and earned her MA in TESOL at the University of Northern Iowa.

After missionary work in North Africa, Gail taught English as a Second Language and college expository writing. She and her husband of forty-three years, a retired Army Chaplain, enjoy grandchildren, gardening, and historical research.

Dare To Bloom, Gail’s website, comes by its name honestly—it took time to acquire the courage to put her writing “out there.” Eventually, her memoir developed, which led to writing World War II fiction. Her Women of the Heartland brand honors the era’s make-do women and men, and includes a novella, eight novels, and several more in the works. No matter how dire the circumstances, her heroines and heroes contribute to the war effort as they embrace their strength through daunting trials.

Recently, Gail also co-wrote two nonfiction books featuring stories of wartime food and the holidays, plus Country Music’s Hidden Gem, celebrating the life of Redd Stewart, the composer of “The Tennessee Waltz.” She writes her own blog and edits for other authors. She also misses teaching and loves cheerleading others through facilitating workshops and retreats.

Ms. Kittleson will be in the Library's Learning Center on Wednesday, September 22 at 5:30 pm.  Patrons are welcome to bring in food and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy during the presentation.

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