What’s New to Read

As readers, we all have our favorite authors or genres. We eagerly look for the latest book for each and sometimes we pass up a title because we are not familiar with the man or woman who wrote it. And on that note…


• 1914 by Jean Echenoz (a short novel about World War I and the horrors endured by soldiers and their loved ones.)

• THE WIDOW’S DAUGHTER by Nicholas Edlin (a murder mystery set in 1943 New Zealand. Two men fall in love with the same woman. One man is accused of killing her brother. And the woman may not be who she seems.)

• YOUR FATHERS, WHERE ARE THEY? AND THE PROPHETS, DO THEY LIVE FOREVER? by Dave Eggers (a NASA astronaut is kidnapped by a man who just wants to have a conversation so he can get a few answers.)

• WHAT IS THE WHAT by Dave Eggers (based on the life of Valentino Achak Deng, a young Sudanese boy who is forced to flee his home amid the Second Sudanese Civil War.)

• SIRACUSA by Delia Ephron (two couples vacation together and amidst the splendor and beauty of the Sicilian coast, lies and infidelities emerge.)

• WHAT IS VISIBLE by Kimberly Elkins (based on the true-life story of Laura Bridgman, the first deaf and blind person who learned language and blazed a trail for Helen Keller.)

• DYING UNFINISHED by Maria Espinosa (a sequel of sorts to LONGING – a mother and daughter continue to live in a psychological vortex of unfulfilled desires, sexual behavior and fragmented communication.)

• INCOGNITO: JOURNEY OF A SECRET JEW by Maria Espinosa (Spanish Jews live under the looming shadow of the Inquisition. Some are tortured and executed, some flee into exile.)

• FULL OF GRACE by Dorothea Benton Frank (an Italian woman, not particularly religious and living with her (maybe atheist) boyfriend, is set for a weekend-visit showdown with her very old-fashioned family who have located from New Jersey to the Lowcountry.)

• CITY OF SHADOWS by Ariana Franklin (set in 1922 Berlin – a very intense novel about a plot by an unscrupulous cabaret owner to pass off a young asylum patient as Anastasia, the last surviving heir to the murdered czar of all Russia.)

• A SAFE PLACE FOR DYING by Jack Fredrickson (a man is hired to investigate why a million-dollar home was blown up in a wealthy gated community where he used to live with his multimillionaire ex-wife. After a second home is destroyed, he becomes the prime suspect.)

• THE CHAIRMAN by Stephen Frey (named as the head of a private equity firm, an aggressive man must walk the fine line between loyalty and betrayal after he narrowly misses being killed by enemies he knows he has in the high-stakes game of finances.)

• SILENT PARTNER by Stephen Frey (a reclusive multibillionaire, with stakes in a successful bank, offers a woman, who works at that same bank, help in recovering custody of her son if she agrees to help him secretly take over a new company.)

• THE RED SCARF by Kate Furnivall (an historical novel set in 1933 Russia – a survivor of the Davinsky Labor Camp escapes and clings to the promise she made to a friend to find the man her friend loves. A promise that is hard to keep when she finds him and falls in love with him.)

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