What’s New to Read for September 2018

The Library has several new titles in the Large Print section.  Ranging from Amish fiction to Westerns to police dramas, these novels are sure to please the most avid reader.  Check one out for a bigger read!


For fans of political intrigue with a dash of the futuristic, the Library has The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen.  Zed, an agent from the future, watches over all to ensure that every cataclysmic event happens because that will produce a perfect world free of hunger, war and despair.  But what of the people he ensnares with his watching?  Check it out for an astonishing read!


For readers of Kelly Armstrong, the Library has book 3 of the Age of Legends series entitled Forest of Ruin.  A blend of fantasy, action and romance, this book is sure to please young adult readers who have been following the story of sisters Ashyn and Moria as they battle evil.  Check it out for an exciting read!


For the very young readers, the Library has Hotel Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins.  Bruce the Bear is mom to four geese and migrates south with them during the winter.  Upon his return in the spring, he discovers that mice have turned his home into a hotel.  Needless to say, he is not happy and he does everything he can to get them to leave.  But after they are all gone, it is too quiet and…what happens next?  Check it out for a thoughtful read!


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