What’s New for December 2019

For those readers who enjoy Margaret Atwood, especially the one about futuristic (at the time) handmaids, the Library has the sequel entitled THE TESTAMENTS. Set about 15 years after the events depicted in the first book, this one reveals how the theocratic regime is beginning to rot from within and just how far the main characters (3 women) are willing to go or to do for what she believes. Check it out for a powerful read!

Currently attending college or planning to attend? Need a plan to help you succeed with that hard-won diploma? THERE IS LIFE AFTER COLLEGE by Jeffrey J. Selingo offers advice and tips on how to build a successful foundation for the post-college job market. Check it out for an insightful read!

For the middle-aged readers who have always wondered about the people who created Pokemon or My Little Pony, the Library has a set of biographies about the creators of such toys and more. Check them out for an interesting read!

Like the Star Wars saga, graphic books or origami? The Library has a set of books that incorporates all three. THE STRANGE CASE OF ORIGAMI YODA by Tom Angleberger is the first book of a series that is sure to please the teenage reader. Check it out for a neat read!

For the young readers and the older ones who know the name and the song, the Library has a new book by Paul McCartney entitled HEY GRANDUDE! In this uniquely illustrated book, a grandfather takes his four grandchildren on a whirlwind adventure with the help of a magical compass. Check it out for a fun read!

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