What’s New for September 2019

For readers who love the various works of Anne Perry, the Library has a new book entitled TRIPLE JEOPARDY, the second of a new series based on Daniel Pitt (the son from the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series and a London barrister). A British diplomat based in America is accused of assaulting a young lady and stealing her necklace but he avoids charges based on diplomatic immunity after he flees back to London. However, when a separate charge of embezzlement lands the diplomat in court, Daniel is assigned to defend him. News of another diplomat being found dead in Washington prompts Daniel to begin searching for evidence with the help of intrepid scientist Mariam fford Croft. Check it out for a suspenseful read!

For those readers who love politics and reading about the Supreme Court, the Library has CONFIRMATION BIAS by Carl Hulse. Tracing the events from the death of Justice Scalia to the inception of Justice Kavanaugh, Hulse has written a very absorbing story of Washington’s war over the Supreme Court. Check it out for a powerful read!

Being a teenager is tough enough even with the possibility of being abducted by aliens. Author/illustrator Marinaomi explores that theme in LOSING THE GIRL, which is book 1 in the series Life on Earth. When Claudia Jones goes missing, four of her friends speculate as to her disappearance while experiencing new relationships that have profound effects on their lives. Check it out for an insightful read!

Little Golden Books have always been popular reads, with simple text and beautiful illustrations. The Library has numerous titles, from a Lassie adventure to a Ghostbuster book. Check them out for a nostalgic or new read!

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